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Watch movies online for free on StreamM4u and M4ufree! Finding Forrester Production Year: Starring: Sean Connery, Rob Brown I am classifying Finding Forrester as a teacher movie, even though the learning does not take place primarily in the classroom, and the teacher is not a trained educator, but a writer. Until these kids come into their lives and make them realize they are letting life slip away. It is based on the. Escalante keeps hammering away until they get it. All the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment. He takes complex material, and breaks it down in a way that learners can understand. Erin makes the classroom their safe place, somewhere they can be their selves and be friends. That scar us with little or no explanation as to " why" it had to happen. Surely there was nothing she could do to prevent such thing to happen but the only thing she did was to provide them loyalty, respect, dreams and trust overall. This tough guys enters one of the roughest schools in New York City, with the lowest test scores in the State, and does some major clean up!

Erin Gruwell Hillary Swank plays a role of a dedicated teacher who did all she could, to help her students learn to respect themselves and each other.

These two events inspire Eva to tell the truth, breaking free of the demands of her father to always protect her own.

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Even though Sean is the mentor in this story Will and Sean live their lives in a very similar way, neither one of them will let people into their lives. He does just enough in school to pass, but not enough to get noticed for his amazing writing skills.

The title of the movie and book is a play on the term " Freedom Riders", referring to the multiracial civil rights activists. Real Life Factor: This movie is based on a true story.

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By the end of the movie Marcus goes back home and tells his mom he is sorry, Eva does the right thing and tells the truth in court even though it puts her at risk with her own gang and her father, and Andre stops selling drugs.

This teacher is one cool cat. The students gravitate on what is most important to others such as ones race Mexicans, Americans, Cambodians, Chinese, and African Americans knowing that is what is important to them- Moral Development.

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