Dialogue writing about traffic rules

Zafi: Absolutely! B: What to talk of uneducated people, even educated ones do not bother about. However, immediate steps should be taken to reduce road accidents. But this news shocked me terribly.

Dialogue about importance of observing traffic rules

Rahim: So far, I could know from newspapers and other electronic media, most of the accidents take place for the reckless driving of the drivers, carelessness of the drivers to traffic rules, unfit vehicles and bad conditions of roads etc. B: Don't talk of problems. Rahim: How did the accident take place? We have no sense of traffic rules and regulations. Sujon: It is killing our valuable time cruelly. Good bye. Kamal: Maybe. What do you think? Nobody comes forward to solve the problem. Sujon: Yes, there are too many cars in proportion to our roads, and roads are not so wide as they should be. Zafi: Absolutely! B: Perhaps it is not so but all of us are extremely careless.

Rahim: How did the accident take place? Posted by. Kautal: You are welcome.

Dialogue between traffic police and traffic rule breaker

Zarif: I am fine. B: Don't talk of problems. B: Collective too. One of my neighbors died last night at a tragic road accident near Savar. We have no sense of traffic rules and regulations. Posted by. Hasib: I believe this problem can be solved by proper management of the whole traffic system. Zarif: You're right! To speak the truth, nowadays it has become a common incident in our country. A: Are you not being a bit biased? Zarif: Right! Besides, the streets should be widened, flyovers at the main crossings should be made, the drivers should be properly trained, and sufficient traffic police should be employed to control the traffic.

Hasib: Right. A: What about you?

dialogue between stranger and policeman

These are also contribute to many road accidents.

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A Dialogue Between Two Friends on Traffic Jam in Your City