Effect of increasing amount of radiation on corn zea mays

Ten seeds were exposed to each of the treatments namely, 50 kilorad, 30 kilorad and 10 kilorad of gamma radiation coming from cobalt According to Gerpacio, Labios, Labios and Diangkinay corn has ranked second among other crops which is the livelihood of 1.

The growth curve of corn seeds were analyzed through the exposure of the seed to varying doses of radiation namely 50 kilorad, 30 kilorad, 10 kilorad and 0 kilorad control.

effect of gamma radiation on corn

With the advancements in technology it can be hypothesized that the exposure of corn plantations to radiations such as gamma rays is possible and it would cause disruption in its growth that would soon lead to crop failure.

Maize, botanically known as Zea mays L.

Effect of increasing amount of radiation on corn zea mays

Through this mechanism, technologies were developed for the advancement in various fields like in medicine, engineering, communication, aeronautics, and even in the development of new weaponry that provided progress for the entire human race. Table 1. Plant Mutation Breeding and Biotechnology.

effects of radiation on seed survival and germination

The specific objectives were 1. Mexico, D. Zea mays is the appropriate crop for this experiment because of its rapid ability to germinate, its behavior of growth which can easily be measured through time and can also be applied with different tools of analysis like statistics Haldeman and Gray, Plastic spoons and a marker was used to label each row and column of the plot.

There are deviations in the data obtained for percent germination, percent survival and the growth curve of the corn plants in comparison with some literature. London: Butterworths. As the dosage of gamma radiation coming from cobalt increases, the growth rate can be measure through percent germination or the average plant height of Zea mays decreases. The specific objectives were 1. Studies have also shown that gamma irradiations significantly affect the antioxidant composition of plant and other food materials Kortei et al. Mexico, D. A specific radiation known as gamma emission is among the type of radiation that possesses high-energy photons that are released through two ways; decay of radioactive isotopes and in fission processes Kircher and Bowman, It is widely used as a source of starch, protein, vitamins and minerals in various food supplementations all over the world. The data would provide useful information regarding the processing and utilization of maize flour in pharmaceutical and food formulations. X2 : Radiation dose Three levels of radiation dose were selected as 25, 50 and 75 kGy. International Atomic Energy Agency. Corn seeds were then exposed to varying doses of radiation. The American Biology Teacher, 62 4 , Gamma radiation effects on seed germination, growth and pigment content, and ESR study of induced free radicals in maize Zea mays. Three levels of particle size in terms of sieve mesh number were selected as 40, 60 and 80 meshes.
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(DOC) The Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Growth of Corn