How important is marriage in society

Monserud and G.

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These norms do more than restrict adults from straying out of line, they add a protection to help children be raised in a supportive environment. Todd K.

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In other words, with regard to adult religious worship, frequent worship in adolescence significantly mitigates the negative effects of growing up in a non-intact family. Pew Research Center survey, Jan.

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Tonne, and Alexander W. It provided a format for sex that would benefit children by keeping their biological parents together, while offering the commitment of a life-long sexual partner. Sedlak, et al. Accessed 27 July There is a large gender gap on this question.

These fundamental tasks, well done, in unity between father and mother, make for a very good marriage. Also A. Children develop best when they have a secure attachment with a father and a mother, who are faithful to each other.

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The Importance of Marriage in Our Society