Industrial ecology

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Some of Asnaes' surplus heat was supplied to the town's heating scheme, reducing the number of domestic oil burning systems in use. It views industrial sites as part of a wider ecology rather than an external, solitary entity.

Industrial ecology

MIT Press. Industrial Ecology Industrial ecology aims to reduce the environmental impact of industry by examining material and energy flows in products, processes, industrial sectors, and economies.

Industry Partnerships Since the 's several industries in Denmark have supplied or sold by products and wastes to other industries. Scale of Operation Industrial ecology is best implemented within a reasonable transport distance between industries.

Surplus heat was also used to heat the water of Asnaes' commercial fish farm.

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The principles of industrial ecology as defined by Tibbs are: Create industrial ecosystems - close the loop; view waste as a resource; create partnerships with other industries to trade by-products which are used as inputs to other processes.

Balance industrial inputs and outputs to natural levels - manage the environmental-industrial interface; increase knowledge of ecosystem behaviour, recovery time and capacity; increase knowledge of how and when industry can interact with natural ecosystems and the limitations.

Maintenance Disposal The transport necessary between these stages is also taken into account as well as, if relevant, extra stages such as reuseremanufactureand recycle.

Industrial ecology vs circular economy

The removed sulfur was sold to Kemira a sulfuric acid producer. In addition, Statoil removed sulphur from its surplus gas and sold all of its cleaned surplus gas to Asnaes and Gyproc a plasterboard factory. Greater material efficiency, the use of better materials, and the growth of the service economy can contribute to the "dematerialization" of the economy. Another industrial ecology strategy is to use waste products as raw materials. In the industrial district in Kalundborg, Denmark , several industries, including the town's power station, oil refinery, and plasterboard manufacturer, make use of waste streams and energy resources, and turn by-products into products. By desulfurising its smoke, Asnaes sold the resulting calcium sulfate to Gyproc as an alternative to mined gypsum which was being imported. However, in some cases, such waste reuse can be successful. However some physical eco-parks are being designed whereby certain industries are located on the same site. It views industrial sites as part of a wider ecology rather than an external, solitary entity. Valerie M. New York : Cambridge University Press. Industrial ecology interacts with natural ecosystems and attempts to move from a linear to cyclical or closed loop system. Statoil supplied cooling and purified waste water to Asnaes which reduced Asnaes' freshwater extraction.

Another strategy for reducing environmental impact is the substitution of services for products, meaning that customers do not seek specific physical products, but rather the services provided by those products.

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Industrial ecology