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Situations requiring nurses to make an ethical decision are diverse and dynamic; the values set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario code of ethics remains the same. Snowley, G. The two common models of clinical decision making include intuitive-humanist model and information-processing model although a third model, multidimensional model exists to guide nurses in resolving dilemmas when they arise It will examine the possible courses of actions health care practitioners that can be faced with the chosen ethical dilemma, whilst focusing on the for and against arguments that support and reject those available actions.

If her pneumonia is not that severe and she is generally healthy, perhaps oral antibiotics would be effective. A new male patient has been admitted and he is currently a practicing Muslim.

Nurses should give patients information about their treatment that is accurate and understandable.

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This includes information about alternative treatment that might exist. The patients health care provider would feel that the medication is needed in order to prevent worsening of the patients condition, including, possibly, death. As a result, the license of nurses has been revoked because they were proven guilty after the hospital conducted a thorough investigation into the matter. The worst-case scenario for nursing ethics is when the patient died from injuries because nurses were unable to provide the rightful care while they were on duty. In the proposed story, incorporating the nursing ethics of advocacy, beneficence, nonmaleficence and collaboration will guide the nurse towards an appropriate and legal course of action. Nursing practice and healthcare. Nursing ethics, physician ethics and medical ethics. This would have a huge impact on her family, particularly her children. Common foundation studies in nursing.

Everyone has the right to live and make decisions for themselves. The nurse will not abandon the patient S. Rosalind Hursthouse's Comparison Here is a brief indication of the way Rosalind Hursthouse describes the relationships between the three kinds of theory in the first section of her essay "Virtue Theory and Abortion": Consequentialism… Words - Pages 3 Essay on Ethics: Ethics and Ethical People hiring ethical people the most important factor involved in creating and sustaining an ethical organisation?

Encyclopaedia of Bioethics.

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