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Conclusion Water pollution not only poses a threat to human health but also to the health of environment as well.

Water pollution in india 2018

But what is ironical is that in spite of our profound respect and reverence for our rivers, we have not been able to maintain their purity, cleanliness and the physical well-being. In the further essay we will discuss causes and effects of water pollution. Public health authorities are now becoming greatly concerned about various toxic chemical pollutants found in waters, viz. Indirect Sources Indirect sources of water pollution are fertilizers, pesticides, chemical dump, septic tanks etc. Water Pollution could be of various types depending on the pollutants and the location affected. Industrial and household waste, chemicals from factories, run-off fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural land etc highly affects the quality of water making it toxic for human consumption and use. In spite of various governmental projects going on in many rivers, there is no sign of water pollution being prevented or stopped. Sources of Water Pollution The pollutants which pollute and contaminate the water come from various sources. Thousands of seabirds are killing because of the oil spilling from ships and industries. River pollution also affects aquatic life, leading to growth of unhealthy fish unsuitable for human consumption and also mass fish death. Natural occurring substances like Arsenic or Fluoride gets mixed with the groundwater making it toxic.

Short Water Pollution Essay 2 words Water pollution is the most dangerous and worst form of pollution putting lives in danger. They also discharge all the wastes of puja ceremony in the Ganga in the myth of completing their puja.

Without sufficient fresh water and polluted water resources, life on earth could hardly be imagined. Chemical Water Pollution Chemical Water Pollution is caused due the industrial disposal system which contains nitrates, phosphates, pesticides, drugs, acids etc.

Recent surveys of several Indian rivers have also revealed severe pollution. Solid as well as chemical pollutants pose a serious threat to the fishes and other aquatic species. Avoid dumping garbage in water bodies. As a common guy living next door we just have to practice common lifestyle changes to keep our water resources intact.

It might also flow to a nearby water bodies and pollute the surface water.

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Below, we will discuss some of the most prominent effects of water pollution.

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Essay on Water Pollution in India