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Carol Brennan , Grosse Pointe, Michigan. For Dobson, in translating the world for us, art necessarily bears the trace of the translator. So the things that are lost somehow remain with her. There's letters, clippings, private notes, publishing agreements, and draft after draft of her poems. Published first collection of poetry ; won Sydney Morning Herald poetry prize ; explored Europe —71 ; received prize from Fellowship of Australian Writers In , Dobson married Alexander Bolton, with whom she would have three children, and continued to write verse. Dobson had input as editorial adviser and proof-reader. The work we're focusing on today, The Continuance of Poetry, is both an elegy and a celebration. How many times were you halted by importunate friends As we walked through the University car-park. Today the fourth in our special series on classic Australian poems. Her work demonstrates her love of art, antiquity and mythology [5] as well as her experience of motherhood. May offer courteously, Please take it. She writes, 'Whose was the hand that held the brush? For example, the Aboriginal rock carvings found in the Ku-ring-gai Chase area near Sydney, the east coast of New South Wales; urban Canberra, the university, and the landscape of the Monaro.

The high wind has stripped the bark from the gum-trees, Smooth-boled they follow each other down to the water. Lyn Gallacher: This poem evokes the presence of the dead by acknowledging their absence.

And we were talking about this afterwards and we were just sort of thinking that's one of those wonderful felicitous phrasings that could only come about as the result of exam pressure, but no-one, I don't think, could consciously come up with that particular coinage.

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David McCooey: Yes, absolutely. She writes, 'Whose was the hand that held the brush? It's beautiful.

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She went on to bind the books herself, inspired and helped by the librarian of the school, Joan Phipson. She married the publisher Alec Bolton —whom she met while working at Angus and Robertson, in Sydney, and they had three children. Hooton describes her work as both consistent and varied: "consistency balanced with variety, reserve with passion, past with present, tradition with innovation, ancient myth with contemporary life, domesticity with culture, and above all Australia with Europe.

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Windows open on clouds in the blue distance.

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