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The research effort within the school aims to characterise this information, towards improving recognition accuracies in a range of applications.

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Saleh BRAC University, In the last few years, there has been an immense influence of wireless networks in our daily life. Research is being conducted into novel transmission and multiple access signalling techniques with the aim of dramatically improving the reliability, throughput, and power efficiency of wireless downlink packet data services.

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Reliable Communications for Vehicular Networks In order to reduce traffic accidents, effective solutions are required. Please any body who can help me and suggest a thesis topic or provide a web link from where I can download a relevant thesis. I have been making research and preparing thesis regarding with OFDM and its applications for my work. The traffic jams are often exacerbated by drivers habitually following the same routes. Our work will result in new applications and services that will have a major impact on the ongoing global efforts to develop the quantum internet. Potential applications of the project outcomes are in future wireless systems, such as mobile broadband wireless access MBWA We designed a system that would allow the user to attain hot water in an efficient and cheap manner. Many of the engineering and more specifically signal processing problems we face have been addressed in nature, sometimes with astonishing degrees of specialisation and success.

All other technology like WAN, Adhoc network, and wireless sensor network are based on this base technology. In this project, we are building a system based on participatory sensor networks, whereby users with mobile phones contribute pollution data that is then collected centrally in real-time and displayed as a map.

Wearable wireless sensors can relieve this pressure by providing intelligent, non-intrusive, continuous monitoring at dramatically reduced cost, with round-the-clock diagnostic and intervention capability.

Kindly help. Genomic signal processing This project concentrates on developing new period estimation techniques and significance measures for characterising structure within symbolic sequences such as DNA, in particular the nucleosome, whose function in evolutionary dynamics is a current area of major research interest in biology.

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Especially, wireless mesh network has got a prominent attention in academic research and commercial deployment as well. We are aiming to develop new router architectures that employ more optics, optimise the use of components such as packet storage memories and interface speeds, and integrate emerging standards such as Energy Efficient Ethernet.

One focus of this work is scalable compression technologies, which generated embedded bit-streams whose subsets can simultaneously target numerous resolutions, bit-rates and regions of interest.

One good example of this is the interaction between channel coding for physical communications and cooperative network coding; another is the interaction between channel coding, information theory and quantum communications.

The thesis topics for ECE is predicted to be publish-ready in conferences and international journals of a region of analysis.

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The converted AC can be at any required voltage and frequency with appropriate transformer, switching This can lead to the unmasking of low concentration metabolites in a biological sample thereby contributing to the study of disease, toxicity, gene expression as well as drug development.

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